Beginners welcome!

Our style is Vinyasa yoga, a yoga flow, commonly referred to as “power yoga”. Flexibility of the mind as we begin our yoga journey, is more important than flexibility of the body.

First time at YogaCentric?

Please feel free to attend at any time, no pre-registration required, just arrive 10 minutes before your class to fill out some paperwork. New Students – Please fill out this intake form and be prepared to sign a waiver on your first visit.


These classes are for people who have never taken yoga or have very limited experience. The basic principles and postures as well as the Sun Salutations will be taught; giving the students an opportunity to begin a short flow while creating a fun, nurturing environment.

All Levels Flow

These classes are offered when the studio is less busy. The teacher is able to work with every students level on a more individual basis. These classes are for students who need a little more attention, or more challenge than a beginner class. A very mixed level class.

Open Flow

These classes are a gateway for students who have several Beginner classes under their belt and would like to start trying to move more quickly through the vinyasa while adding new postures. This class is also for people with some experience in yoga or who are coming back to yoga after a lay off. These classes provide the perfect mix for students looking to expand their practices while continuing to work on alignment and fundamentals. The collective experience level of the students present will determine the pace of the class. This class will also focus on building endurance and strength using familiar poses while working toward more advanced poses.


YogaCentric Flow

These classes are designed to allow students to flow through the postures. We will explore more arm balances and inversions in this class. Students should have confidence in their knowledge of the vinyasa flow and willingness to learn and explore more advanced asanas.

Monthly Workshops

are classes taught each month with a different teacher on a subject of their choice. This will be a fun way to explore different ideas and poses within the asana practice.

Community class

All of our classes have a warm, friendly, fun environment so that no matter what your ability is you will have a positive experience. An open mind is all you really need.

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