Delana Hubscher Ryan

Delana is the founder and creative force behind YogaCentric as well as a Clifton resident. As a child, Delana started out a dancer and during her college years she began to focus more on her acting and singing careers. Delana holds a B.F.A. in Music/Theatre from Illinois Wesleyan University, and is a member of Actor’s Equity. Her passion for dance and musical theatre and their physical demands are what brought her to the fitness industry. Between acting jobs Delana has worked regularly over the past 20 years as an personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a Yoga Teacher. Never planning to leave “show business” her life ambition changed when she got married and relocated from Manhattan. Her combined loves for Yoga, fitness and teaching have culminated in the inspiration for her creation – YogaCentric!

Delana is currently certified through A.C.E., A.F.A.A., and is an E- R.Y.T. through Yoga Alliance, she is also CPR/AED certified through the Red Cross.

Our Mission

Creating a fun friendly environment where we can all come to learn, play and be comfortable with who we are. Allowing each of us to feel good about wherever our bodies are at this moment, and to always strive to pay attention to the messages our body is telling us while working at our own level. Lastly, to try not to compete with the other people in class with us or more importantly ourselves. YogaCentric is a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance.

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